【Anihut】Jade Sangsue Perruque Cosplay Jeu Twisted Pays Des Merveilles Cosplay Bleu Vert Résistant À La Chaleur Synthétiques De Cheveux De Jade Sangsue Cosplay
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  • Caractère: Jade Sangsue
  • Jeu Cosplay: Twisted Pays Des Merveilles
  • Longueur: 26cm 10.24in
  • Type D'Élément: Accessoires
  • Composants: perruque
  • Circonférence De La Tête: 50-60cm
  • Utilisation Spéciale: Costumes
  • Le Nom De La Marque: AniHut
  • Matériel: Synthétique
  • Type De Source: jeu
  • Caractères: Jade Sangsue
  • couleur: Bleu-Vert Et Noir
  • Numéro De Modèle: Twisted Pays Des Merveilles
  • Sexe: Unisexe

Mots-clés: vert perruque, quads vert perruque, pin, lilia, l'alcool iqos, g440, bang rêve de cosplay, vert perruque u, au nanami touko, vert perruque anihut.

The color is perfect for the Leech twins! I bought two of Jade's since unfortunately the store doesn't have any for Floyd, but I believe it's going to be easy to take off the black strand and sew it on the other side. It arrived faster than any product I bought before, nicely packed, with a wig cap each. The quality is really nice and the wig isn't thin, so I definitely recommend it. My pictures are showing it 100% without styling, so you can see how long and nice everything is to style, and I might try to add a picture of the finished look later if I'm allowed to. Thank you seller!
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